Current Assignments

    PROJECT: Post Cards from Europe!  

     DUE Wednesday, April 18th

    Design 3 post cards from 3 European countries we’ve studied so far.

     Each post card from each country must:

    1.  have the name of the location or particular destination (country, city, or tourist spot) on front

    2.  have a colored picture on front (no printed pictures OR use of paint or markers since these will mess up the writing on the other side and look messy—you CAN use crayons, colored pencils, and pens in your illustration)

    3.  On the back, include a brief greeting, a description of key cultural features or points of interest in a letter to a friend or relative (about 100-150 words, so no wasted space) on the back with a fake address.

    4.  The letter part must follow all grammatical rules (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, proper sentence structure, and good sentence variety), provide colorful, sensory language in your descriptions (include any of the following: alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification, or symbols), and have an enthusiastic tone.

     The entire post card project will count as a major social studies grade as well as a major language arts grade.

    • You may use your social studies book and the Internet for your ideas and information.
    • The final post cards project will be on giant white note cards (the size of a folded regular sheet of notebook or copy paper, but do NOT do this project on regular paper!), which we will attach to yarn and hang from the classroom ceiling as mobiles.

     DUE Wednesday, April 18th

    If you have any questions, please contact me through email at


    Touring South America--DUE Monday, March 5, 2018

    You will work individually to create a travel brochure for South America using Power Point.

    You need to provide the following slides in your project:

    1. A title slide—create an original title for your travel brochure, something catchy and interesting, with one image and your name
    2. For the next 10 slides, each slide must include:
      • 1 tourist destination (for example, Angel Falls)
      • 3 interesting facts about this destination (what you might hear from a tour guide)
      • 2-3 pictures of the destination
      • Activities you can enjoy while you’re there
      • Local foods to eat
      • Things you’d need to know if you’re a tourist, like catchy phrases you might need to use
    3. On the last slide, list your resources. This means while you are looking for information, write down (or copy/paste) the name of the website you are using and the web address. You need to do this for pictures as well. For example:
      • Sharyland ISD--



    12 total slides with 10 total tourist destinations



    • Do not use an image as a background on Power Point. Images as backgrounds can be distracting and make the writing difficult to read.
    • Use either black or white for your font color. Font size should be between 32-36. It needs to be large enough to read from the back of the room, but not so large that you run out of space on your slide. Also, no freaky fonts. Do not include sounds or distracting transitions.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Project: Funny Ad

    Create a humorous classified advertisement for an item that you received from a relative that you want to sell quickly before you are asked to wear it again.  

    1. Your ad must be completed on a piece of poster board.

    2. A picture or photo of the unwanted item must be part of your ad.

    3. Your ad must have an eye-catching headline.

    4. The text of your ad must give the following information about the item: size, color, price, and any specific characteristics that might be good selling points.

    5. Your ad must be humorous and use exaggeration. For example, could this item bring about a positive change in someone’s life? How?

    6. The closing line of your ad should give a fictitious name and phone number for the reader to contact if he or she is interested in purchasing the item. 

Past Due Assignments

  • Project: Number the Stars Date Due: 05/06/2015

    Project: Number the Stars

    05/01/2015 05/06/2015

    PROJECT CHOICES FOR Number the Stars

    Dramatic monologue

    Create a monologue for a character in a scene. What are they thinking/feeling at that moment? Why? Record on video or perform live in class. The monologue should be at least 3 minutes long. When you're saying your monologue, remember to mention what is happening in the scene: "The nerve of that soldier speaking to my husband that way!" Mama might say. Got it?

    Found poetry

    Take sections of the story and, choosing carefully, create a found poem; then read these aloud and discuss. Might be tough to do without a book in hand, but you're welcome to jot down your favorite parts one day during class or after school and fashion them into a poem at home.


    Create an individual collage around themes, symbols, or characters in the book. Please, don't use printed items. Magazines are readily available at the public libraries and are often sold for a quarter or so. You don't need to buy new magazines. The point is to work with what you have and analyze for meaning, not to intentionally search out a picture of a circle when a picture of a ball would work just as well.  Be prepared to explain the meaning you discovered in your collage.

    Create a diorama

    Create a diorama of a particularly important scene from the novel. Hit 'PAUSE' on your mental movie while reading the novel and create a model of that moment. Try to provide as many details as possible, as a shoe box with a doll representing Annemarie could be considered quite boring. Anyone who has read the book should be able to look at your diorama and automatically know what was happening in the novel at that moment.
    Your projects are due
    Have fun!!!
  •  PSA for Social Studies - Water Pollution Date Due: 09/21/2015

    PSA for Social Studies - Water Pollution

    09/16/2015 09/21/2015
    Public Service Announcement for Social Studies
    Topic: Water Pollution
    Research: Types of water pollution and issues people, wildlife, and the planet might have with water pollution.
                      What are the issues?
                      Where is it happening?
                      How can we stop it?
    Create a SCRIPT detailing your plans for your PSA. What scenes will you show in your videos or pictures? What will your lines be? What is the message you're trying to relay to your audience?
    Remember, this is a serious topic so your PSA should have a serious tone. You want to inspire your audience to do something to help eliminate water pollution.
    You will work with ONE other person to create this 30-60 second commercial.
    1.  Brainstorm your ideas and write out your script.
    2.  Take your pictures and film your video.
    3.  Finalize your PSA by editing your scenes and adding your message.
    4.  Publish. Turn in your script and your video. You may email both to
    Your PSA is due Monday, September 21st.
    Here's a sample of the script:

    PSA for Water Pollution

    <Sad music playing>


    The toilet is flushing non-stop. A boy runs out of the bathroom in a panic.


    BOY: I don’t know how to make it stop!

    NARRATOR: Have you ever had this problem? Non-stop wasting of water?

    MESSAGE ON SCREEN: 4 out of 5 toilets in the U.S. waste 100% more water than necessary. How can you help? STOP FLUSHING THE TOILET!