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Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Ural Mountains- mountain range where Europe and Asia meet
Caspian Sea- the world’s largest inland sea, borders the Caucasus Mountains
Siberia- a vast region in Russia, stretching from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean Moscow-capital of Russia
Volga River- the longest river in Europe, located in western Russia
taiga- a forest of mainly evergreen trees covering much of Russia

Kiev- early center of Russia, now the capital of Ukraine
Cyrillic- a form of the Greek alphabet
czar- emperor
Bolsheviks- Communist group that seized power during the Russian Revolution
gulags- Soviet labor camps

dachas- Russian country houses
St. Petersburg- city founded by Peter the Great and styled after those of Western Europe
smelters- factories that produce metal ores
Trans-Siberian Railroad- the longest single rail line in the world, running from Moscow to Vladivostok on the east coast
Chechnya- a Russian republic in the Caucasus Mountains, an area of ethnic conflict