Social Studies Notes:

South America

Simon Bolivar- led revolution against Spain

guerrillas- members of an irregular military force

llanos- a region of plains that lies between the Andes and the Guiana Highlands

strike- a group of workers stopping work until their demands are met

referendum- a recall vote

estuary- a partially enclosed body of water where freshwater mixes with salty  seawater

deforestation- the clearing of trees

megacity- a giant urban area that includes surrounding cities and suburbs

favelas- huge slums

gauchos- Argentine cowboys

informal economy- part of the economy based on odd jobs that people perform without government regulation through taxes

landlocked- completely surrounded by land with no direct access to the ocean

altiplano- a broad, high plateau that lies between the ridges of the Andes

strait- a narrow body of water pattern that connects two larger bodies of water

viceroy- governor of Spanish colony Francisco Pizzarro- Spanish explorer that captured the Inca king

creoles- American-born descendents of Europeans

coup- the sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people

Countries: Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia

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