Article of the week (Assigned Monday due Friday)

Students will read and take notes in the margins of the article. Answer the questions in complete sentences. Both questions and notes will be taken for a grade. 


Commercial project:DUE DATE 2/16 
Record a travel commercial 1 min to 1.5 min. that includes the following information. 

1. How big is this country? How many people live there?

2.What language do they speak?

3. What are some of the main tourist attractions? i.e. historical sites (not amusement parks)

4. Where is the capitol? Who is their leader?

5. What sport is most popular?

6. What kind of money do they use?

7. How long have they been a nation?

8. Important people from there

9. Famous foods or places to eat.

10.Your travel agency name and contact information

***Extra credit: create a jingle for your video***

Be creative and remember to stick to the truth.



Chapter 12

a broad, high plateau that lies between the ridges of the Andes
a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
Atacama Desert-
a very dry desert in northern Chile
El Niño-
an ocean weather pattern that affects the Pacific coast
viceroy- governor of a Spanish colony
Creoles- American-born descendants of Europeans
Quito- the capital of Ecuador
La Paz- one of Bolivia’s two capital cities
Lima- the capital of Peru
coup- the sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people
Santiago- the capital of Chile