Spelling List by Week

(ONLY Vocabulary this week)

Lesson 25

1.) crust- the outermost layer; made mostly of rock; very thin layer of soil

 2.) mantle – second layer of Earth; upper is solid rock; lower is molten rock

 3.) outer core – third layer of Earth; hottest layer divided into outer and inner; made of liquid    iron and nickel

4.) inner core – inner most layer of Earth ; hottest layer made of solid iron and nickel

5.) Earth- the third planet from the sun, fifth largest of the eight planets in our solar system

 6.) Moon- a natural object that orbits a planet

 7.) moon phases - the different shapes that the moon seems to have in the sky when observed from Earth

 8.) tide- changes in water level at the shoreline that is caused by the pull of gravity between Earth and its moon

9.) Solar System – a sun and all the objects that move around it. (Earth’s solar system includes the 8 planets, sun, satellites, comets, meteorites and asteroids)