Behaviour Policy


While your child is at school, they will have expectations to do their best to achieve success in their academic learning and be safe in their school environment.  It is expected of each child to make right and safe choices, whether in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, while at “Specials,” or on the bus. We have five basic rules.

They are:
  1. Listen and follow directions.
  2. Respect others and property.
  3. Be prepared for school with supplies,books, and homework.
  4. Keeps hands, feet, or objects to yourself.
  5. Accept responsibility for your actions.


If rules are not followed, I have a color-coded Behavior Chart which helps each child monitor his/her own behavior.  Each child has six color coded cards in their pocket. Each child will start the day with his/her “card” on green, which means they are doing great.  The idea is to stay on this color the entire day.  If right choices are not made, they will move their card as follows:


  1. Green - Doing Great!
  2. White - 1st Warning (incomplete homework, talking, etc.)
  3. Yellow - 2nd Warning & 5 minutes out at recess.
  4. Blue – 10 minutes off of recess & Lose 1 conduct point.
  5. Brown – Call home, No recess & Lose 2 conduct points.
  6. Red – Referral to Principal’s Office& Lose 3 conduct points.


I offer incentives throughout the day, week, and year to encourage appropriate conduct choices, thus focusing on positive reinforcement for expected behavior.  My goal is to provide a positive learning environment for the success of all my students. *Each student can earn 100 points per six weeks grading period for citizenship.  All points lost will be deducted from the 100 points.  If you have any questions or concerns,schedule a conference, call me, or send/write a note in the agenda.  My contact number is 580-5282 Ext. 2246.  The best times to reach me are 9:00-9:45 during my conference time or after school from 3:30-4:15.  If you are unable to attend at these times, we can set-up another time that will be suitable for all of us.