Spelling List by Week

Lesson 17 Vocabulary
only vocabulary to be worked AS spelling
(week of 2/17)

  1. )water cycle- the movement of water through Earth’s environment
  2. )precipitation – any form of water falling from the clouds to Earth
  3. )transpiration – the releaseof water vapors by plants
  4. )runoff – water from rain or melted snow that flows along Earth’s surface into bodies of water
  5. )atmosphere – the layer of the air that surrounds Earth
  6. )weather – the condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place
  7. )climate – the average of all weather conditions in an area through all seasons over a certain period of time
  8. )clouds – a group of water droplets or ice crystals floating in the air

SAT words

  • allocate – to assign; designate


  • flourish – to grow well