Expected Classroom Behavior:


While your child is at school, they will have expectations to do their best to achieve success in their academic learning and be safe in their school environment. It is expected of each child to make right and safe choices, whether in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, while at Specials, or on the bus. 
I have five basic rules. T
hey are: 

1.   Take care of yourself. 

2.   Follow directions when given. 

3.   Be prepared for school with homework, books, and supplies, and a positive attitude

4.   Keeps hands, feet, or objects to yourself. 

5.   Accept responsibility for your actions. 

If rules are not followed, students will receive a verbal warnings before a conduct point is taken away. 

***Dazzling Diamondback- A student must have an average of 95 or higher to receive the Dazzling Diamondback Award at the end of the school year.