Reading Tips

Reading Tips

Many of us have a chance to read to young children.  It can be our child, grandchild, a relative or a friend's child.  Reading to a child is something special that we can all do!!  Here are a few reading tips: 

  • It's never too early to read to children, even when they are still an infant. 

  • Set aside a special time to read, such as after a nap, before going to bed or in the middle of the afternoon.

  • Find a cozy place to read, away from distractions.  Make reading a book comfortable for you and the child. 

  • Read with enthusiasm and with expression. 

  • Read the book slowly and pause once in a while.  Don't rush when you are reading a book.  Make it a pleasant experience!!

  • Choose books that are interesting to children or relate to something going on in their lives. For example, if you are going to the fire station, it might be fun to find a book that has a fire station in the book. 

  • Read the same book many times.  If a child has a favorite book, it's good to read it as much as he/she wants.  Children like repetition in their lives. 

  • Sometimes after a while, the child might pitch in and "read" a part of the book, especially after hearing the book many times.  It's fun for the child to know what's coming up next in the book. 

  • If the child wants, let the child point to pictures in the book and turn the page of the book.  Let the child look at the words and the pictures in the book and be familiar with the book itself. 

  • Have a shelf or even a box available for your child to store their books.  With rising prices, look for special deals or places that give away books.  Books can be purchased at low prices at garage sales and thrift stores, too. 

  • Get a library card for your child.  If you are taking care of a child or visiting a child, it's good to use the library to borrow books for a child.  The public library is an interesting place to visit with fun events for children, such as summer reading programs and special visitors.   

  • Be a good example for a child by letting him/her see you read the newspaper, a book or instructions to put something together.  Let them know that reading has a reason such as finding out information, learning or just having fun. 

  • When you go on an outing to a park, the beach or even to a restaurant, don't forget to bring a book or book(s).  Children like to hear stories at different places.  Even on vacation, it's nice to read a story on the airplane or on a cruise ship.  Reading Tips