Social Studies Notes:
Section 2 Mexico
peninsula- a piece of land surrounded on three sides of water

empire- a land with different territories and peoples under a single ruler

mestizos- people of mixed European and Indian ancestry

missions- church outposts

haciendas- huge expanses of farm or ranch land

inflation- a rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power

cash crop- a crop that farmers grow mainly to sell for a profit

smog- a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog

maquiladoras- U.S.- and foreign owned factories built along Mexico’s border with the United States

Science Notes:
Minerals Research project Due 11/5/18:
Students will research the physical properties (luster, gravity, Mohs scale number, color, transparency, streak, density) of 12 given minerals (Agate, Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Desert Rose Gypsum, Amethyst Geode, Green Tourmaline, Hamatite, Kyanite, Jasper, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Sulphur) and create a data poster using the provided mineral tabs and construction paper. Once all minerals have been researched students will choose one of the 12 to write a paragraph with more detailed information about that mineral. Students may use or for research as well as Google. 

Mineralogy- the study of crystal structure, chemistry, and the properties of minerals

Minerals- a naturally occurring inorganic substance with a chemical composition. It has been formed by geological processes.

Luster- the way light interacts with the surface of a mineral, crystal, or rock.

Cleavage- A sharp division or split.

Density- The compactness of a substance, measured by mass over volume.

Mohs hardness scale- A scale used to measure the hardness of minerals.

Streak- the color of the mineral’s powder

Vein- A narrow channel or slab of a mineral that is different from the surrounding rock.

Inorganic- Form from materials that were not part of living things

Crystallization- The process by which atoms are arranged to form a material that has a crystal structure.

Geode- A rounded, hollow rock that is often lined with mineral crystals

Crystal- Repeating pattern of a mineral’s particles

Fracture- How a mineral looks when it breaks apart in an irregular way

Solution- A mixture in which one substance is dissolved in another

5 requirements for a mineral
-must be a solid
-must be naturally occurring
-must be inorganic
-must have a definite chemical composition
-must have an ordered internal structure