Spelling List by Week

Lesson 25 (only vocabulary this week)
Week of 4/23 -4/27

Lesson 25 Vocabulary

 1.) producer- an organism such as a plant that can make its own food

 2.) consumer- an animal in the food chain that eats plants and other animals     (cannot make its own food)

 3.) herbivore- an animal that eats only plants

 4.) carnivorean animal that only eats other animals

 5.) omnivore- an organism that eats BOTH plants and animals

 6.) decomposer – an organism in the food chain that breaks down the remains of                    dead organisms

 7.) niche the role or job of an organism in an ecosystem

 8.) food chain – a system of connections that moves food energy through an ecosystem

 9.) food web – a group of connected food chains

 10.) learned behavior – actions that an animal learns on its own from other animals or humans or by being taught

 11.) inherited trait – characteristics or traits of a parent that is passed to its offspring; you are BORN WITH these.


SAT Words

  • demeanor – conduct or behavior /attitude given off
  • perplex – wondering about what is not understood ; confused