Homework Guidelines

Mrs. Lopez’s Class -- Weekly Homework

To keep things simple and predictable, homework will be the same structure every week.  Below is a description of the homework expectation.  Aside from the weekly fluency passage, there will very rarely be anything to “turn in” to me.  We work very hard in class every day, and I am constantly assessing and evaluating your student daily. Homework will be more of an opportunity for you to participate in your student’s learning and see what they can do.  When needed, additional enrichment activities or occasional family projects might also be sent home.  If you have any questions or concerns about homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.

EVERYDAY HOMEWORK:  Library books will be coming home weekly for reading at home.  Potentially, different books may come home daily depending on how often your student AR tests.  Students will have a blue “AR” folder to keep track of the books they have read. Please make this part of your daily “homework” routine.  You may read to your student in the beginning until they are able to read independently.  This will be one of the most powerful things you can do to help your student be successful this year! 

Monday:            * Handwriting Practice: A handwriting practice book will be sent for home use.

Tuesday:            * Fluency Passage:  These will be sent home weekly for review on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s.

Wednesday:        * Fluency Passage: This will be sent home on Tuesday’s to be reviewed Tuesday and Wednesday. Reading assessment will be administered on Thursdays.

Thursday:          * Math worksheet:  This will be for review purposes and does not need to be turned in.  It will typically review the concepts to be covered on Friday’s math assessment. Students should be able to do this independently. 

Friday:               NO HOMEWORK— Have a great weekend!