Sight Words

Below is our sight word schedule for the school year.  This will be placed in your child's red folder.  Every Monday your child will receive 3-4 new sight words on their word ring and will be assessed on Fridays.

Sight Word List - Week by Week

1st Reporting Period

September 4th: the, to, and, a
September 11th: I, you, it, in
September 18th: said, for, up, look
September 25th: is, go, we, little
October 2nd: down, can, see, not

2nd Reporting Period
October 9th: one, my, me, big
October 16th: come, blue, where, red
October 23rd: jump, away, here, help
October 30th: make, yellow, two, play
November 6th: **Full review & assessment of 1st & 2nd reporting (36 words)

3rd Reporting Period

November 13th: run, find, three, funny
November 27th: he, was, that, she

December 4th: on, they, but, at
December 11th: with, all, there, out
December 18th: be, have, am, do

4th Reporting Period

January 10th: in class review (no new words)
January 15th: did, what, so, get
January 22nd: like, this, will, yes
January 29th: went, are, now, no
February 5th: came, ride, into, good
February 12th: want, too, pretty, four                                                                 

 February 19th: **Full review & assessment of 3rd and 4th reporting words (40 words)

5th Reporting Period
February 26th: saw, well, ran, well, brown

March 5th: eat, who, new, must
March 19th: black, white, soon, our
March 26th: ate, say, under, please
April 2nd: some, an, from, know
April 9th: Full Assessment 96 words

6th Reporting Period

*  A reading “fluency phrase” page will be sent home weekly during the 6th reporting period.  Students will practice reading phrases with accuracy and fluency.  Assessments will be done on Fridays just like the sight word assessments.