ROMO - The Wonder Puppy

Mr. D.'s classroom adopted a superhero named "Romo".
r3Running day and night from the evil hunting pair of vicious German Shepards control by the scienticfic mad man, Dr. Phorpaws, Romo the wonder pup was running out of ideas of where to hide. Soaring above through the clear blue skies, Romo spotted an interesting pattern of tiny running figurines. Upon closer examination with his super "Pena Lasik" eyesight, Romo flew by the miniscule little humans. It was just as he had was a school of talented and intelligent school children.
Romo remember what his dear Mom had once told him, "Puppy dear, look both ways before flying across the street to a playground." Romo honored his Mom's request and made a gentle landing on the playground. Mr. D.'s students were running around excitedly, releasing high levels of stored of energy, when all of a sudden a student noticed Romo sitting by the bench.
The students stampeded across the playground toward Romo,leaving behind a trail of lingering dust. Romo began speaking to the children and asked them politely to take him to their leader!
Chloe shouted, "That must be Mr. D.!" The students crowed around Romo with strange puzzled looks since this was the first time they had ever encountered a talking Chihuahua wearing a Sharyland shirt. "Make way, make way," a frantic voice eminated from beyond the crowd. It was Mr. D. who was also surprised to see Romo. Mr. D. asked Romo why he had decided to make a grand entrance during recess instead of checking up front and securing a proper hall pass from Ms. Diana? Romo stepped out of his helmet and explained about the evil Dr. Phorpaws who  was trailing his every move.
r5 Romo explained that he was on a mission to find the missing bone stollen from the SUE Exhibit. An innocent bystander by the name of Jordan quickly alerted the proper authorities and Commissioner Martin sent for Romo to head the investigation.
Mr. D. was very impressed with Romo's explaination. "Our classroom will do everything within their powers to protect you from Dr. Phorpaws and provide a safe haven while you plan your strategy to locate the missing fossil. Mr. D.'s class cheered with excitement, "Yyyyeeeaaahhhh!"
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