A Note from Mrs. Scurlock

Dear Parents,
        I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this school year a successful one.  I just want to remind you of a few key issues in the classroom.
        First, it is very important that you stay up to date with your child's daily school activities.  You should expect homework every night except Friday or when indicated.  All homework is listed on the homework sheet distributed Monday morning.  The spelling word list and activities can also be found on this sheet.
        Secondly, make sure that your child is doing and turning in their homework.  I cannot stress how important it is for your child to complete their homework.  Homework is my way of assessing their progress and also a way for your child to practice the skills we learn during the school day.
        Also, please keep reinforcing good behavior in the classroom by continuing to discuss rules.  It is through constant reinforcement that these objectives can be utilized in the classroom.
        Finally, please read with your child at every available opportunity.  This is one of the best ways for your child to develop fluency.  Fluency is the rate at which your child is able to read words.  This is an extremely important skill because rather than struggling with each and every word, your child will be able to read words with automaticity that enables the child to comprehend the meaning of text, which is the ultimate goal of a truly empowered reader.
        Thank you again for all your cooperation!