March is Nutrition Awareness Month

Happy March to you all!

I just wanted to share some nutrition facts for you so that this spring and summer may be filled with healthy energy for you and your family.

First of all, eating healthy can seem expensive. Here are some tips to eat healthy on a low budget:

1.     Plan your meals for the week – this way you won’t overbuy food at the grocery store

2.     Make a grocery list – if your shopping with your kids, make it clear that you’re sticking to the list, which means no spontaneous purchases for junk food

3.     Buy frozen fruits and veggies – they won’t go bad as quickly and they’re easy to prepare

4.     Make enough for leftovers – your lunch will be ready for you the next day and it’s quicker and cheaper than preparing 2 meals

5.     For more healthy tips, visit

What you eat truly becomes what you are. If you feel tired and feel like you never have enough energy throughout the day, try fueling your body with nutrients that we know are good for us, like vegetables, protein, and fruit.

Hope you all have a wonderful spring!