Linn, Pamela

 Mrs. Pamela A. Linn 
6th Grade TeacherRoom 311
Reading - Composition - Grammar - Spelling - Social Studies

Mrs. Amy Gonzalez--Math & Science Teacher

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 7:45 -- 8:15  Breakfast

 8:15 -- 10:45  Gonzalez's Homeroom
10:50 -- 11:45 Linn's Homeroom
11:45--12:15  LUNCH
12:15 -- 12:30 RECESS
12:40--1:30  Linn's Homeroom CONTINUED

2:15 -- 2:30 Linn's Homeroom continued
2:30 -- 3:15   P. E.
3:20  Dismissal


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All students need to be reading 

their AR books for 30 minutes each night.

snoopy reading Snoopy Writing Life
If you have any questions and would like to send me an email, please
use the Contact Me page in the left menu to send me a message.

Late Work Policy

You have 3 additional days to make up a major assignment if late.
As a penalty, each day late your assignment will lose 10 points.

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