Counselor's Corner

Mr. Eddie Gonzalez, M.Ed Professional School Counselor
Ms. Veronica Cantu, M.Ed Professional School Counselor
Mrs. Gabriella Guzman, Counselor's Secretary

Together, our school counseling team has over 50 years of experience working with children, parents and our community. Our time is spent in direct and indirect counseling services in the classroom providing guidance lessons, seeing individual students via referral or as a responsive intervention, or in a whole group setting.
Our counseling curriculum program supports student academic, career,
and social/emotional growth and development.  

JHS Counselor Office

School Counseling Program Vision Statement

The vision of the school counseling program at John H. Shary Elementary School aims to support the social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development of all its students in grades PK-6. In collaboration with parents and its community our students will be supported in developing their sense of self, while learning to respect the individual rights of others who may be different. Through rigorous academic experiences, support from technological resources, and equitable access to resources, all students will develop skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Our students will be prepared to lead in a global economy and face the challenges of a modern world with courage and confidence. 

School Counseling Program Mission Statement

Our school counseling program is aimed to inspire, educate and empower all students to reach their full potential and become leaders of the highest moral character by developing relationships through classroom guidance lessons, individual and small group counseling lessons.