Distance Learning

Dear JHS Students, Parents, and Community,

Many of you have been hearing about COVID-19 from friends, the news, and social media. We hope that you and your families are healthy, and managing to stay positive and active during this time of self-quarantine and social distancing. It is important for you to know that we understand that you may have moments where you might not know how to appropriately express your feelings of worry and stress regarding the current situation. Although our school is closed for now and many of you are being forced out of your comfortable routines, we would like to help you by sharing tips that you can try at home today, to help alleviate worry and stress.

  1. Focus only on the things that you can control. For example, you can wash your hands well (and often), and stay home (away from public places). By doing this, you are increasing your chances of being healthy and stopping the spread of the virus. 
  2. Create a daily schedule. You can create a schedule with your family or on your own, and display it.
  1. Set and track daily goals. Watching your progress on a goal chart is a visual reminder of your hard work and motivates you to keep going! 
  2. Start each day with a positive message: Today, I choose to learn. Today, I will respect myself and others. Today, I will be the BEST I can be. Positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself daily can help you overcome challenges, worries and improve your self confidence! 

As we continue to navigate during these uncertain times, we will continue to share ideas and activities for you to do at home that can help you and your families manage your days with a more positive and healthy mindset. Remember, our favorite job is being your school counselor and we can’t wait until we see you again! 


Ms. Cantu and Mrs. Koeneke

Best Practices for Distance Learning at Home

Setting up a learning environment

Every home is different but it’s important to provide a quiet and comfortable space in which to learn. It should be a place:

  • that can be quiet at times
  • that has a strong internet signal, if possible
  • where you or another adult is present as you would normally when your child is online, dependent on age
    Your child's responsibilities include:
  • Take pride in your appearance and get dressed for the day in appropriate clothing 
  • Make sure your device is charged and you have a charger nearby
  • Sit in a quiet place with as few distractions as possible
  • Wear headphones to keep the noise down if you have others nearby also working,
  • Keep your camera on a flat surface where it doesn’t move around
  • Sit upright in a chair so that your face is in view during the entire time of your meet
  • Put away your pet so that it isn’t distracting you during class
  • Silence your cell phone while your class is in session
  • Monitor Google Classroom for announcements and feedback from your teachers
  • Do your best work by finishing your work with integrity and academic honesty
  • Do your best to meet timelines and due dates
  • Communicate with your teachers and tell them if you need help
  • Be a good listener and support your classmates
  • Follow your school's behavior guidelines
  • Be patient. 
  • Be kind. 
  • Be respectful. Believe in yourself and know that you WILL DO AN AMAZING JOB THIS YEAR!