Circulation Policy

Library Circulation Policies


  • All John H. Shary staff, students, and parents have access to the library and its resources.  

  • Kinder students are allowed to check-out one book at a time for the first semester.  Beginning the 2nd semester, they will be allowed  to check-out up to three books.

  • 1st-6th  grade students are allowed to check-out three books at time.  

  • Parents are allowed to check-out three books at a time under their own account.

  • Administrators and teachers are not limited in the number of items they may check-out.

  • Books are checked-out to students and parents for a two-week period.  Books may be   renewed for an additional two week period.

Late Fines and Damaged Books:

  • Late fines are charged 5 cents per book for each school day past the due date.  

    • Late fees will not exceed $2.00 per book and may be waived at the librarian’s discretion.

    • Patrons will be charged a fine for lost/damaged books.

    • Lost or damaged books must be paid for in full before additional books are checked-out.  

    • Books are considered lost after a month.

 Library Procedures


  • Barcodes will be placed on student agendas or folders at the beginning of the school year to identify the student’s name and homeroom teacher.  Students are required to bring their agendas or folders to the library to check-out books.

  • Students are allowed to come to the library as long as they have obtained their teacher’s permission.

  • Students will have access to a self-checkout station.  After scanning their barcode or entering their ID number, students must ensure that materials are being checked-out to the right student.  Students must:

    • Ask themselves:   “Is this me?”

    • Scan each book’s barcode.  

    • Click “Done” and listen for the correct check-out noise.  

    • Make sure it is ready for the next student.


  • Students will have access to a self-check in station.  

    • Students must place their books and materials on the correct cart.  Each cart has a specific genre assigned to them.  

Book Reserves:

  • Students who wish to check-out a book or item that is unavailable, they may ask the librarian to reserve the book.  The teacher or student will be notified as they become

available.  Only one item at a time may be reserved.