AR Policies

Accelerated Reader Program

For 1st – 6th grade

·        The Accelerated Reader program is an enhancement of the reading curriculum, which targets leveled reading for each individual student.

·        Individual reading levels (ZPD) are determined based on a test called the STAR test which is administered 3 times throughout the school year to assess yearly progress.  As reading levels improve on the STAR test, individual reading levels are raised.

·        Students have an AR point goal based on their reading level (ZPD) and are rewarded for maintaining an 85% average percent correct or better each marking period.

·        Students are acknowledged for surpassing milestones over 100 points and maintaining their average percent correct.  (1st – 6th grade students can earn a trophy at the end of the year, if they maintain at least 85% average correct AND earn 100 or more points.) The top 5 in every grade level in 1st – 6th grade also receive a plaque. 

·        There is a scheduled time for AR during the day.  Students attend library class once a week.  They are allowed to exchange their library books with their teacher’s permission.

·        We ask that students take AR tests in their teacher’s classroom with their teacher’s supervision.  Testing in the library is allowed during students’ scheduled library time.

·        Students are capable of testing independently so parents will not be allowed to test with children.  Testing independently also means they are not allowed to use their books at the computer.  Remind students to test only on what they read.

·        Parents can help prepare their children by reading with them at home and asking questions to check for comprehension so they are prepared to test on the book the next day.

·        PLEASE remember, the purpose of AR is to inspire a love of reading and encourage children to be lifelong readers.